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Boomer George Duplex Dog House Review



I have been on the search for a doghouse large enough for my big boy and yet not break the bank so I can still feed him. I did not want one of those igloo looking doghouses. Living in the desert I have heard horror stories about them trapping in the heat, and other creachers. I wanted something cute and practical. The dark stain did not sway me either way on my decision to buy it...I ended up paining it to match my house.  I did like that it is all wood construction. It has stood the test of time too. Between the rain and brutal desert sun, the thing still looks great.

Although the box it comes in is expremely heavy, I found it very easy to put together by myself. I especially liked that you only need a Philips head screwdriver to assemble. The duplex house comes with a removable partition to accommodate two small to medium dogs if needed. With my large dog this was not needed. Once I put his bed in and some water, it was just the right amount of room for him. I couldn't imagine stuffing another fur baby in.

Its solid wood construction will help to keep out the elements while getting your dog out of the heat. The description on the website says it has removable roof and floor panels to make cleaning this house a snap. This is true, but not an easy task. When I have needed to clean it I just spray it out really fast with the hose and Boom. Done.

The dimensions are 73W x 39D x 42H in. With each opening measuring 18W x 24H in. 

If needed, I would buy again.

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