What a great trailer.

We bought this to haul a Polaris Ranger around and have found it to be useful for more than that.

It has a capacity weight of 2050 lbs and a GVWR weight of 2990 lbs.

We have pulled this thru thick mud, down dusty dirt roads and easily thru town.

The 2010 Carry-On 6×12 ATV trailer is easy to hook up to the back of our truck. When driving with it, it felt extremely secure to the hitch. No major wobbling or fishtailing when making turns.

A huge selling point for us was the curbside ramp. It is incredible. You don’t realize how much you would use it until you are around or have one that doesn’t have it.

When we went camping we were able to put our Polaris Ranger on along with a ton of camping necessities. Everything fit easily.

Only downfall we have found it our friends know we have it, so when it is time to haul or move something guess who they are calling…