Trying to find a great deal on a hammock set was not as difficult as expected. There are a lot of different values listed under different companies and their products for hammocks. A lot of prices I have seen have differed per company, but overall have been quite expensive when it doesn’t always include all of the features for the hammock. However, the Honest Outfitters hammock serves well with its purpose. It isn’t too cheap nor too expensive, and it offers a great deal for all of the gear together.

This hammock is easy to move around, thankfully for its lightweight. Compared to other hammocks my family has owned, this one is less challenging to manage and put together. Not only is it easy to use, but the material is an advantage. It is very comfortable, given its space and length, and durability.

This is one of my best purchases. I recommend Honest Outfitters’ hammock for those who love to be outdoors!