Talk about TV paradise! This TV is incredible.

Recently our last TV (a Vizio) went out. We replaced the bulb and it still didn’t work. Now we had our previous TV for a few years so we were a bit behind on the technology that had come out since. So off to Best Buy we went.

We were just going to ‘look’ at prices, compare and take notes of what is out there…or so said the husband. Once we walked into the TV department I knew we were going to purchase. He walked right up to the Mitsubishi and was sold.

In order to make sure we were getting a decent deal I made sure we at least looked at others. We wondered over to a Toshiba 55-inch and then over to the Mitsubishi 82-inch.

Of course the husband wanted the 82-inch (bigger is better, right?) but we just don’t have the room. It would have taken over the house. (I know, I know 82inches, 73 inches wow 9 inches difference. But in a TV that is a BIG difference)

On to the Toshiba 55. I liked this one, at first. It wasn’t massive and it seemed to be user friendly…at least the remote did. But the quality of the picture just could not compare to the Mitsubishi. The Mitsubishi is crystal clear.

Another selling point on the Mitsubishi 73-inch is that it is 3D capable. So, when the next wave of the future comes we will be ready. Now we didn’t purchase the accessory pack for the 3D effect (the glasses and receiver) because there are not many things you can use them on just yet. But Christmas is coming up…so maybe.

I have to admit I was shocked at the user-ablity that this TV has . We just plugged in out accessories (i.e. DVD player, Cable box, Wii, ect.) and the TV recognized it….how cool is that?!? My son was able to figure out how to switch between the extras within a matter of moments.

I cant not say enough about my happiness toward this TV. Highly recommend it.