I got this humidifier as I feel having one on during illness helps me and anyone I’m caring for sleep. This thing is long lasting through the night. It provides you a nice cool mist, which I find very comforting. It has an Auto Shutoff feature, perfect for falling asleep and not having to worry about it running through the night. I also love the 360 degree nozzle, as this allows you to adjust the direction of the mist with easy. It has an easy to fill water tank and is also pretty quiet for a humidifier, which are both very convenient. 
However I do wish there was a spot you could put some essential oils that could be disbursed into the air. I had to shove a cotton ball in the out put spot which didn’t allow for optimal cool mist to come out. This is also difficult to clean. While it puts off a mist at the beginning of the cycle it likes to “splatter” toward the end causing water to drip around the unit. I just make sure to put it on a towel at night. Overall, I recommend this if you are in the search for a effective humidifier.