Love the concept of this mop.

You fill the included solution/water bottle with your choice of cleaning solution (I like Pine-Sol), dilute it a bit (so it last longer) and off you go. Simple and easy to use. Plus the cleaning pads are washable. It only came with one cleaning pad so I purchased another one (about $7 each). Not only are you getting a clean floor and saving money, but also you are helping the environment a bit. Win, Win.

Only problem with this mop…it broke half way thru my first use. Something snapped between the hand trigger and the spray nozzle. I was so disappointed. It actually made cleaning my floors enjoyable…for the little bit it did. What a waste of $18 (plus the extra pad).

I recently replaced it with Rubbermaid’s Reveal Spray mop. Exact same concept. A bit more money ($40) but it has lasted; and it came with two cleaning pads.