This is a must have for camping!  It was like bringing the hotel with you!

Everybody loved it.  It was comfortable in the tent, many people could sit on it at one time, it fit in the tent nicely, and it made being in the tent so much fun.  Because of this mattress we could play games, nap, and be with family in a much more comfortable way had we not had it.

The top layer is a soft suede.  I loved this feature for a couple of reasons.  The first reason was that it made the mattress slightly more warm at night.  It also prevented heat and sweat while napping during the day.  Lastly, it provided a static barrier so that covers would fall off at night.  It gave those slippery sleeping bags something to cling to.

It was easy to set up.  I love that it has printed instructions directly on the mattress so they cannot be lost and they can be easily read while setting up.  Deflating went well also.  I remember my friends had a difficult time rolling up their mattress because it never seemed to fit in the box the same exact way it came.  Coleman made it easy be printing the deflating instructions directly on the mattress.  It was so nice to see the pictures and fold it exactly as it instructed without having to find the box or instruction sheet.  The mattress also comes with a large deflating hole to let a lot of air out at one time.  It made for a speedier take down process.

Another quality I love about this mattress is that it didn’t make a boat-load of noise when I stepped on it.  Sure the materials would rub together and skid but the noise for the most part was very quiet.  That is a very different experience from what I’ve had in the past with these things.

It also moves easily in the tent.  We found this to be a good and a bad thing.  It was good because that allowed us to have the ability to move it during the day or night if needed.  It was bad because sometimes we didn’t want it to move but it was by accident.  Like the time I was in there arranging my things and accidently kicked it with my heel and it slides down knocking my pillow off.  It wasn’t the best but I love it otherwise.

This mattress provided so much comfort in my camp.  I would never go without it.  I love it that much!  It was so nice and warm, and made everything easier while I was away from home.