For our yearly camping trip I thought this would be nice to keep the food under and for a place for all the kids to hang out. It did a great job of that, but when we got some rain the only safe spot was directly in the middle; everything along the sides was soaked. I understand that it only has a screen and nothing to help block the rain so I wasn’t that upset about it. What I really disliked about it was that on the website it says 3 minute set-up while on the package it says 1 minute, ok I like either one.  Boy, oh boy were both wrong. It took 3 adults and 2 kids about 15-20 minutes to set-up and about the same to take it down.

Once we finally had it up we really enjoyed the canopy. It is very durable and did keep out a good majority of the bugs. Of course a few got in when we would enter and exit. Nothing a citronella candle couldn’t help.

To sum it up, my big quam about this canopy is the un-expected length of time it took to set up and take down. The take down instructions were a joke. They kinda left you on your own to figure that out.

For the price ($110) I would have a difficult time recommending it. I would make sure to defiantly alert them to allow for 15-20 min to set up and take down, NOT 1-3 minutes.