This may be labeled as a camping chair, but we all know that camping chairs go anywhere outdoors: neighborhood parties, outdoor parties, picnics, Fourth of July, swimming, etc.  This chair has done a great job in all of these different scenarios.

It is really comfortable and the seat is nice and wide.  The design of it also makes it easy to sit in and also to stand up.  I also like the nylon mesh that is sewed into the back support.  It keeps me from sweating on hot days where other nylon chairs would surely be more uncomfortable.  We live in a very hot climate and Fourth of July celebrations can be long in the heat.  This was a great chair comparatively.  In many years past I had to sweat it out while sitting but this chair minimalizes it.  I think they should make the whole chair out of this material. It would keep me much cooler.

The chair is also very sturdy.  This is one of the most important aspects to me because I have little ones and I worry about them around fires.  I did not want a chair that would be unstable for them to climb in and out of and thus endanger their lives.  This one is very sturdy and we don’t have any trouble with it tipping over.  During our camping, we had many different people with us.  Most of them sat in the chair at one time or another.  The heaviest person weighs over 300 pounds and the lightest was about 40 pounds.  Everyone agreed that the chair was comfortable and sturdy to sit in.  I think that the design of the frame has a lot to do with this.  It is nice and wide and the frame is strong.  It is also not easily dented.

It also comes with two easy ways of transporting it.  The first is the chair bag.  It has a shoulder strap attached to it.  The second is the strap attached on the chair itself so you really don’t even need to have the carry bag.

This is a great chair for all types of activities. Very versatile and nice to have.