As far as fruit pickers go, this thing is great. The long reach allows you to get the fruit on the very top of the tree, something nearly impossible unless you were to get a ladder. The telescoping pole allows for easy storage and easy set up when in use. It’s also surprisingly light weight, making maneuvering the basket around branches very easy. Despite the light weight, the basket is large enough to hold large citrus (Tangelos, mangos, larger oranges, etc.). 
I do however think it is a little pricy ($48 on Amazon). I’ve also found that the claws on top get stuck in the branches very easily, making picking fruits between branches a little tedious at times. The foam padding in the basket falls out quite often too. When fully extended it is difficult to maneuver around in the tree, however this is purely due to the length. Other than that, I recommend this picker to anyone with homegrown citrus.