Bites will itch and itch and itch until we stop itching and then they go away.  I have found that I sometimes itch them not even knowing that I have one.  After repeated itching I finally look down and see the red bump!  Bummer.  But, the Sting Eze really helped with the itching.  It works!

The relief comes in a cylinder tube with an absorbent top that releases the liquid.  It works like a marker, the felt top is moist and when you dab it onto the bite the skin is covered in the liquid.  I have heard be called a dauber pen.  The product goes on smoothly and is thick enough to stay on the skin.  The screw on cap keeps the pad from drying out or leaking.

Even with the biggest mosquito bites, this gave us instant relief.  It didn’t take long for the itchiness to go away after application.  It was really nice to be able to relieve it because our summer was very wet and the mosquitoes were quite prevalent. My whole family was bitten a lot and this was helpful in dealing with the burning and itching.

The product is also gentle.  None of us who applied it had any reaction to it.  One family member that I have has sensitive skin.  He is so sensitive that walking without a shirt on will create red spots on his back.  He was ok using it and it didn’t bother him.  There has been no irritation or side effects from anyone I’ve known to use it.  There is no strong smell with it that would bother you.  In fact, the smell is so discreet that I can’t even tell I’m wearing it most of the time.

The size of the tube is pretty convenient.  It fits in many places, even shirt pockets. Could easily go in the car, backpack, purse, or first aid kit.

We haven’t used it on bee stings so I’m not sure how useful it will be for that. We have used it mainly for ant and mosquito bites and it has worked really well for us.  I recommend this product if you would like a bite relief solution.