This posture reminder is one of the best posture items i’ve bought. I don’t like having the obvious bulky ones that everyone can see. It makes me uncomfortable and insecure   knowing that people can see that i’m struggling with my posture and need something to help me fix it. This one is nice and small. It fits nicely under my clothes and it’s thin enough that no one is able to see it. This makes it comfortable and easy to wear out in public without being insecure. This one doesn’t constantly pull at your shoulders to automatically correct your posture. It just tightens up when slouching. If you are looking for one that does it for you so that you don’t have to constantly think about it, this is not the one. Although I do recommend it above the other ones i’ve tried because it is discreet and comfortable enough.

I know that this one is used for athletes, mostly for dancers but I like the fact that it is small and does well with movement. It also had a reasonable price for what it is. Most of the posture correctors I have used are thirty dollars plus. So this is the ideal choice, it is the complete deal. Comfort, affordable, and discreet all in one. I love and appreciate whoever made this product.