I’ve always hated the cooking process when it came to taking the temperature of the meat. I usually end up impaling it 3 or 4 times to check the temperature before its ready. This completely gets rid of the problem since you can just stick it in once and leave it for the whole cooking time. It’s completely wireless which is awesome. The app is also very intuitive by calculating temperature and time and giving you an estimated done time. I can’t express how stress free this made cooking, especially when it came to smoking meats.
However its not flawless. Every time I go to use it I feel like there is an update I have to wait for. Also, the app seems to disconnect way too much from the thermometer. It does reconnect but when you are trying to see what’s going on quickly its a pain to wait for it to reconnect. The Traeger app I use is great but doesn’t have the wireless and the intuitive calculations, so I hope they marry those two with their new found partnership. Other than the connection issues, I highly recommend this for any home cook out there that wants to make the meat cooking process 10x easier.