Convenient, durable, and so nice to have!

Living in the outdoors, even for a short time, can be challenging and messy.  Eating, as simple as it might be at home, is different when camping.  Without the normal utensils and plates, the Coleman set up was a great replacement.

The kit came with 24 pieces; forks, spoons, knives, plates, and cups.  They were very durable.  They were dropped several times and none of these instances left permanent marks, indentations, scratches, or imperfections of any kind.

The plates and cups are covered with enamel.  The enamel has lasted a long time.  It has not chipped off or peeled away.  Its color is still original without any fading. When washing the dishes, the food came off easily.  Scrubbing the dishes was at a minimum: even though camp food is difficult to clean off most of the time.

Storing the set was a piece of cake.  The utensils came with a pocket organizer so they stayed clean and organized.  They are kept in the pocket by elastic ties to keep them in place.  Once everything is placed inside, you can roll it or fold it up and tuck it neatly away.  The plates stack nicely on top of each other.  You can tell they are build to stack low and not to take a lot of space.  It would have been nice if the set came with a way to store everything together.  Maybe a tote bag or box?

The biggest downside to the set is that the utensils bent easily.  On their first use, we accidentally bent the spoon (right at the point where the metal meets the handle) when trying to scoop out dinner from the pot into a bowl.  The next day, we bent some forks as we tried to used the side to slice some hot dogs.  They are not very strong and made from cheap materials.

We really enjoyed having the set with us because it made eating easier.  It was much better than paper plates and having to have more trash at the camp.  The plates and cups are very durable, but the utensils are not the best.  Still, we recommend the set and love using it.