Loved this idea of a plant based repellent, but didn’t love it!

Completely Deet free and natural plant based.  I have very sensitive skin and many other repellent products can give me acne, rashes, and itchiness.  This one was a big find because I got none of that stuff!

You apply this product by spraying it onto your skin.  It is so much easier than the previous squirt bottles that I have been used to.  I even had a repellent that came with a drip top!  This was much better.  I did have to smother it a little bit around the skin so that it would smooth out the oil.

The liquid is a little yellow, but it did not stain anything.  My clothes were not discolored, nor did the bracelet I was wearing change color.

I love that it doesn’t have Deet in it.  Instead, it uses plant materials like lemon and eucalyptus.  Even without this Deet, the bugs stayed away.  I was so impressed because I wasn’t sure that these plant repellents would deter them very much but I came home without a bite on my.  We were travelling with some other little ones and they came home without bites also.

It claims to last up to 6 hours.  My experience was that it did a great job for the period of time.  I didn’t feel like I had to reapply.  Of course, it did not rain while I was there, but I think it held up to its advertising.

The smell wasn’t too bad.  Some people around me asked, “what is that smell?” a couple of times.  I told them what it was and they weren’t too surprised.  They reassured me that it didn’t smell bad, but I wander if that was the truth.  Honestly, I don’t think it smells bad but it does have a little herbel hint.

I like that they didn’t use the Deet, but I would try a different one before settling on a favorite.  This one does a great job, but I would like to see if there is one out there that is slightly more subtle.