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Hobbies Reviews

     A recent birthday gift prompted me to buy a guitar for my friend who wanted to begi [...]

Misc Reviews

  I have been trying to eat a healthier these days. Trying to go thru the drive thru less.  T [...]

Furniture Reviews

    I really wanted this drawer unit to work. It looked neat and tidy, had casters for co [...]

Sporting Reviews

  The Zuca bag is a popular sporting bag because of its steel encasement, multi compartment arrang [...]

Entertainment Reviews

  Recently the family and I set out for a night out on the town (aka a not so quick, headache indu [...]

Household Reviews

    It is no secret in my family that I am a HUGE pie fan. Savory or sweet I love it all. [...]

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Outdoors Reviews

  This summer we decided to embark on family camping trips. It has been a blast. Now each time [...]

Travel Reviews

  A few years back I found an absolutely beautiful rental. It is called the Casa Coronado and is o [...]

Electronics Reviews

  Talk about TV paradise! This TV is incredible.   Recently our last TV (a Vizio) wen [...]

Books Reviews

  So this year we decided to home school our two little……..uhm…….angel [...]

Automotive Reviews

  What a great trailer.   We bought this to haul a Polaris Ranger around and have fou [...]